Novice Fencers

NSW Fencing runs Novice competitions in all three weapons, specifically for beginner and inexperienced fencers.


NSW fencers are eligible to enter Novice competitions for their first two years of competitive fencing, unless within the first two years they achieve one of the following:

  • Place in the top 3 of the Novice State Championships
  • Have won the Novice of the Year (Technical Director's discretion)
  • Are selected to represent NSW in the National Championships (age or open)

Entrants in Novice competitions must be either registered or affilated with the NSWFA Inc. Registration is a less expensive option, but only entitles the fencer to compete in Novice and certain age-based competitions. Registration can be upgraded to affiliation if the fencer later decides they want to compete in a broader range of events.

Online registration/affiliation (secure credit card payment) can be done at any time. Registration/affiliation can also be organised on the morning of a competition.

Full details of affiliation/registration (including current costs) are available on the separate Membership page of this website.

Open Competitions

Novice fencers should note that it is not necessary to "graduate" from Novice before entering other NSWFA competitions. "Open" competitions are available to all fencers, of any standard.


Entry fees are $25 per competition.

Fencers should use the Online Competition Entry System (secure credit card or paypal payment) to make entries for NSWFA competitions. This online system can also be used to Affiliate with NSWFA. Entries must be made before midnight on the Thursday night preceding the event.

Open online Affiliation/Registration and NSWFA Competition Entry form (new browser window)
Online Affiliation/Registration and NSWFA/AFF Competition Entry form

Late entries will be accepted without a late fee if received by midday Saturday via or 0468 944 556 (leave a voice or text message).

Entries may also be made in person on the day of the competition, but a surcharge will be applied. No surcharge will apply to second entries made on the day of the event.


All NSWFA Novice Competitions are fenced using electrical apparatus.

It is not necessary to wear FIE standard equipment. However, all competitors must wear full fencing uniform. The only exception in Novice events is that for Foil and Sabre competitions tracksuit pants may be worn instead of fencing breeches. (Breeches are required for all Epee competitions, as legs are part of the target area). For a detailed explanation of fencing uniforms, see the Equipment Requirements page of this website.

NSW Fencing has some equipment available for hire at Novice competitions. For more information, see the Equipment Hire page of this website.

Competition format

Novice competitions are fenced using the standard competition format, with a round of pools, followed by a Direct Elimination leading to an overall winner. Medals are awarded to the top four fencers.

Competition timetable

Download NSWFA Calendar (.pdf format)
NSWFA Competition Timetable (PDF format)
Download NSWFA Calendar (.xls format)
NSWFA Competition Timetable (XLS format)
Open online Affiliation/Registration and AFF Competition Entry form (new browser window)
Online Affiliation/Registration form


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