Getting Started

The NSW Fencing Centre offers beginners programs for fencers of all ages!

We have a host of programs for those who are new to the sport and would like to get started fencing.


SWORDPLAY (for ages 6-7) sign up now

This course introduces children to the sport of fencing through games and agility while starting some swords play in a fun environment. This course promotes visual and physical co-ordination, agility, focus and confidence.

Time: 1 hour; 
Tuesday and Thursday, 4-5pm

Skills development: Visual/physical coordination, agility, focus, general confidence.


BASIC SKILLS (for ages 8-9) sign up now

The Basic Skills course is an excellent introduction for younger athletes to all the essential ingredients of the game and lays solid foundations for a fencer’s future abilities. As well as being trained in essential fencing skills, athletes are exposed to the fundamentals of fencing tactics. A core part of the program is educational, instilling basic principles such as punctuality, self- discipline, preparation, fair play and co-operation.

Times: 1 hour Monday to Friday 4-5pm, Sat 2-3:30pm

Skills development: Basic positions and coordination hand/eye/brain.


BEGINNERS (for ages 10-15) sign up now

Children who start fencing over the age of 10 are very much still in time learn all the basic techniques of fencing and to excel in fencing. Some fencers in this age group may in fact advance very quickly with tactical skills (because of their age and maturity). This program is specifically designed for those kids who want to learn the sport and quickly catch up with those who started earlier. Some athletes who first learned to fence after the age of 10 under our coaches have gone on to become state and national champions.

Sessions: Mon/Wed//Fri 4-5pm;-Sat 2-3:30pm


COMPETITIVE FENCING (for ages 10-15) sign up now

After athletes have a strong grasp of the basics of fencing, this course encourages them to fence competitive bouts and provides them with training that is targeted specifically towards their needs and competitive fencing.

Times: 2 hours Monday to Friday 5-7pm, Sat 2-4pm

Skills development: Quick decision making, fencing instinct, clear knowledge of priority, appropriate execution.



Fencing is a sport for all ages. It can be started at any time! You are never too old. NSW Fencing Centre has classes and individual lessons for adult beginners as well as training for experienced amateur fencers.


For Over 30s – Monday to Friday 6-8pm; Saturday 2-4pm

For Adult Beginners – Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 2:30-3:30pm

Skills development: Warm up games – Fencing basics – Fencing drills – Fencing bouts.


FENCE4FUN sign up now

Days/times: Whenever you need – the NSW Fencing Centre is open 7days a week and will organize sessions around your schedule!

Recreational fencing instruction, bouting, and techniques to get moving and enjoy the sport of fencing in a relaxed atmosphere!


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The NSW Fencing Centre, clubs and fencing schools will generally be able to lend you basic equipment.

If you want to continue in the sport, pretty soon you’ll want your own gear. A fencing kit generally comprises a mask, jacket, plastron (protective vest), breeches, glove, long socks, sports shoes, weapons and bodywires.



Generally from about 8 upwards. The youngest age groups for state competitions are Under 7, Under 9 and Under 11.



You can start fencing at any age. Many fencers take up fencing as adults and we have a vigorous group of veterans in their 40s, 50s, 60s and even 70s.


Other local fencing clubs offer beginners’ classes – browse NSW fencing clubs to find one near you.

Some NSW schools offer fencing as a school sport. Here’s a list of some schools that offer fencing:

Barker College
Newington College
Patrician Brothers
Sydney Boys High School
Sydney Girls High School
Sydney Grammar
St Aloysius
St Andrews Cathedral School
Presbyterian Ladies College