Fencing equipment can be loosely divided into two categories: protective equipment (mask, white jacket, glove, etc), and electrical scoring equipment (weapon, bodywire, lame jacket, etc).

Depending on the level at which you are fencing, different standards of equipment will be required. This website lists the requirements for State, National and International competitions.

If you wish to purchase new fencing equipment, there are a number of suppliers in Sydney. The official equipment supplier to NSWFA Inc is J G Fencing.

A cheaper alternative may be to purchase second hand equipment, although you should take care to ensure that items have not become unsafe through age.

Most clubs have a certain amount of equipment available for use during club training sessions: depending on the club, it may also be possible to borrow this if you wish to enter a competition. In addition, NSW Fencing has equipment available for hire at certain competitions.

Note that NSW Fencing has an Equipment and safety policy:

Download equipment and safety policy (.pdf)
Equipment and safety policy


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