AFF Competitions

The Australian Fencing Federation Inc (AFF) runs four Open National competitions every year, including the Australian National Championships.

All four Open National events are accompanied by Veterans' events. In addition, the AFF runs National Championships for Under-20, Under-17, Under-15 and Schools.

All National Championships (except Veterans') incorporate both Team and Individual events.

Aside from age restrictions, AFF individual events are open to any fencer who wishes to compete.

Where the AFF competition incorporates a team event, NSW team entries will be arranged by the NSWFA. Teams will be selected by the NSW Selectors in accordance with the NSWFA Selection Policy. More information about team eligibility is available on the Elite Fencers page. School teams for the Australian Secondary Schools will be invited to enter by the NSW selectors.

Entry fees

Entry fees for AFF Inc. competitions are listed on the AFF Fees and charges web page - note that different event categories have different entry fees (e.g. Under-15 / Cadet / Junior events include an extra levy).

In addition, there is a NSW National Competition levy: this pays for team entry fees and the cost of travel and accommodation for team coaches.

  • Open/Junior/Veteran: $60
  • U15/Cadet: $40


Only entries from affiliated fencers will be accepted for AFF competitions.

Entries must be made online, directly to the AFF. A link to the event registration page is provided on the AFF online registration web page.


A detailed explanation of fencing uniforms and other equipment requirements may be found on the the Equipment Requirements - AFF page of this website.

In summary:

  • All competitors must wear full fencing uniform.
  • All uniforms, masks and blades must bear appropriate FIE markings.
  • Relevant items must be approved by Weapons Control at the event. Presentation to the strip with an item that has not been approved by Weapons Control is a Black Card offence.

NSW Fencing does not hire out equipment suitable for AFF tournaments. Fencers are advised to speak to their clubs or to equipment vendors if they need to hire equipment for an AFF tournament.

Competition format

AFF individual competitions are fenced using the standard format of one round of pools followed by a Direct Elimination tableau. Where there are 16 or more competitors, medals given for 1st to 8th place. If there are fewer than 16, medals are only given to the top 4 fencers. (NB There is no fence-off for third place: the two fencers who lose the semi-finals are declared equal third, and each gets a bronze medal).

AFF team competitions are run using the standard team format. There is no preliminary round of pools: the teams are placed into a DE tableau based on team members' results from the individual event at the tournament.

The AFF does not run any Italian Relay team competitions.

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